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Donkey Kong 35th anniversary! by mattdog1000000
Donkey Kong 35th anniversary!
On July 9th, 1981, the arcade game, Donkey Kong, first released.

Happy Anniversary, Donkey Kong!!!
Maylsie-Kirkhopie? by mattdog1000000
After watching a few E3 2016 interviews for Yooka-Laylee with Grant Kirkhope and Steve Mayles (composer and character artist of the game), I just had to draw them dressed up as the title characters. Their banter was pretty hysterical!
9-Volt Super Smash Bros. by mattdog1000000
9-Volt Super Smash Bros.
Alright, now this one is a bit of a harder sell, but hear me out!!

So 9-Volt is a huge Nintendo fanboy from the Wario Ware series, his microgames consist of many Nintendo games and products, including pre-video game Nintendo products. Now that pre-video game era Nintendo is what I wanted to highlight with this moveset. You could even say that 9-volt is merely a vessel for these pre-video game era Nintendo products, they're the true star here, what I feel makes this character deserving for Smash (not that 9-Volt isn't awesome, and wouldn't fit into Smash, he'd be an incredibly meta character, he lives and breathes Nintendo after all, so imagine him among the cast!!). So yeah, this era of Nintendo isn't currently represented in Smash, but I feel it's important enough to represent with the highest honors, which is playable status. Just like Mr. G&W, ROB, and Duck Hunt, their status with Nintendo's history in what they represent is what makes them important, I feel the same about pre-video game Nintendo. So here it is!

B - Hanafuda Card (1889) - Nintendo's first ever product! 9-Volt throws them like darts with incredible speed.

Grab/tether - Ultra Hand (1966) - One of Nintendo's most popular toys, it's 9-Volt's method of recovery and grabbing. It has the longest reach in the game.

B Down - Love Tester (1969) - an absurd toy from Nintendo, 9-Volt uses this to reflect attacks and paralyze nearby opponents, making them lovestruck momentarily.

B Up - Space Ball (1971) - A flinging ball toy that 9-Volt throws upwards with a spinner. The more you catch it, the stronger and higher it will reach, making for an excellent long range vertical attack. Like the boomerang item, but vertical.

B Forward - Chiritori (1979) - Remote controlled vacuum cleaner! a projectile that crawls along surfaces that can change direction, and will explode on contact with a fighter. Works similar to the Bombchu item.

Dash and double jump - Hover Board

Final Smash - DJ set

Taunt 1 - Virtual Boy (1995)
Taunt 2 - Amiibo (2014)
Taunt 3 - Game Boy (1989)
Sans Super Smash Bros. by mattdog1000000
Sans Super Smash Bros.
Here's my Sans from Undertale moveset!!

B - Bone Smash
B Forward - Bone toss
B Up - Gaster Blaster
B Down - Gravity slam

Final Smash - BAD TIME

Taunts - Trombone, Ketchup, Shrug

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Happy Birthday M-Dog!
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Happy B-Day
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Have your cake and eat it too Happy Birthday Matt!Have your cake and eat it too 
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Hamtaro for Smash Bros Moveset, Please?
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Thanks for the fav! I really appreciate it!!
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Of course, your art is fantastic!
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Can you do Hamtaro?
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I haven't tried yet. But I love its cute art style, and I adore hamsters. I really should.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes, I really oughtta check my DA more often!!
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